Worcester Greenstar Si boiler EA 234 error code

Hello Everybody,

My seven years old Worcester Greenstar Si boiler is irritating me a lot by displaying an EA 234 fault code whenever I turn it on. What should I do in order to get rid it of?

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi Craig, 

Here the problem is with boiler’s gas valve. The proficient boiler engineer will be capable of checking that the coil is connected properly because after doing so, he will get to know that the problem is with gas valve. For the gas valves, which are quite old, it is expected that, these valves are seizing slowly. It might mean that these valves do not close or open fully & all this leads towards the issue of gas supply.

Worcester Bosch boiler burner fails to start

Hi All,

The burner on my three years old boiler fails to start after several attempts. I have no idea what to do? I would like to mention that I have tried a lot to make it work but nothing works. How can I rectify the problem?



Hi Mark, considering your problem, I would like to share the some useful information including the possible causes and solutions of the problem, which your boiler is facing. I would advise considering the below-given things:

  • Firstly, you can face the mentioned problem which boiler has no power. If it is so, check the control/electrical circuit.
  • Secondly, your boiler’s thermostat is faulty, it is better to check by linking out the high limit & control thermostats temporarily.
  • If control box is faulty, do replace it immediately.
  • If there is a problem of programmer open circuit, you have to check it by joining 8 and 9 on a connector.

Worcester Boiler B7 257 error code

My one-year-old Worcester boiler is displaying a B7 257 error code from last three days on the display board. According to the user guide, the problem is with PCB. Is it right? Please help



Yes Lynn, you are right. Here the problem lies directly with the boiler’s PCB i.e. printed circuit board. Therefore, whenever there is an issue with the PCB, your boiler will always malfunction. Moreover, this can lead to the heating coming off & on haphazardly or water/radiators not having the desired temperature. The best piece of advice is to call an emergency electrician & heating engineer for immediate help.

Worcester Bosch 230 boiler is dripping unnecessary water

Hello Folks,

My five years old Worcester Bosch 230 boiler is leaking since last night. This problem is annoying me a lot, as all the floors of the home are wet. Someone please guide me because I am unable to solve it.

Thanks for your kind Help


Hi Paul, 

Mostly boiler leaks due to the blown heating pump seals. It happens whenever these seals damage over time. Well, you should switch off your boiler at the mains & afterwards, turn off water with the help of stopcock. Always remember that it is expected to continue to drip until all the excess water is drained completely from the central heating system. This system relies on an extreme pressure for keeping each & everything to flow properly. Do contact a Worcester boiler engineer & ask him to isolate the leakage.

Worcester Greenstar RI boiler short cycling

Hi Everyone,

After buying and installing the Worcester Greenstar RI boiler two years ago, now I am facing few issues regarding the boiler’s performance. The most noticeable issue of the boiler is, short cycling. My boiler tries to fire up for almost five seconds & after that, it cuts out straightaway. Is something serious? Should I replace the boiler? Someone please tell me the right solution.



Hi Patrick,

As the minimum firing and boiling of the Worcester Greenstar RI boiler exceeds the current load, it will eventually cause the short cycling of the boiler. When this happens, your boiler is forced to fire up continuously but for short time. For rectifying the problem, please check the below-mentioned things:

  1. Check for the burner rating, if it is incorrect then correct it
  2. If the boiler thermostat differential is incorrect, do replace it
  3. Sometimes, external controls of the boiler fails to work properly, if this is a case, check & correct the problematic external controls.

Worcester Greenstar 30CDi boiler fault code EA 227

Hello Guys,

I am having an issue with my three years old Worcester Greenstar 30CDi boiler. The boiler is showing an EA 227 error code & because of this, it is not working properly. What does it mean & how I can to fix it?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Derek

This error code means that the flame is not detected on the boiler after four-five ignition attempts. Your boiler can lock out as the safety protection because there is a potential gas supply or ignition issue. The most likely reason is an issue of gas supply. It is due to the frozen meter especially in cold water. If it is so, the gas supply cannot be that high for your boiler to ignite. Moreover, the problem of the gas supply could be in your boiler itself because the jet on boiler’s burners is susceptible to be blocked. It is advisable to contact the boiler engineer for detailed investigation.

Worcester CDi Boiler is not responding

Hi Everybody,

My three years old Worcester CDi boiler fails to respond whenever I try to use it. I am having this issue from last three days. With the help of the user manual, I have tried my best to fix this issue after checking the different parts of my boiler. Apparently, everything seems fine however; boiler fails to start. What should I do in this situation?

Looking for the recommendations


Well, Chris your problem is quite serious as a boiler who fails to respond properly always leads towards other major problems. If this issues originates directly the Worcester CDi boiler as you indicated above, then I would advise checking the pressure meter of your boiler. If the boiler’s pressure is very low i.e., below 1 then, instantly increase the pressure. Furthermore, poorly installed or unguarded condensate pipes of the boiler usually get freeze in severe weather conditions therefore, causing the Worcester CDi boiler to turn out to be unresponsive. Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar C6 Error Code

Hello Everyone,

I have bought the Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler five years ago. The overall performance of the boiler is quite satisfactory but from last night, it is not working properly. Whenever I turn on the boiler, it starts displaying a C6 error code. Is it a serious matter?



Hi Jim, 

An error code C6 on the Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler deals with the too fast/too slow speed of the fan. I would like to mention that there has to be another error code attached to C6. In case, it is 215 then, it means that speed of the fan is very fast however, if it is 216 then, it indicates that the speed of the fan is extremely low. You have to contact an emergency Worcester boiler engineer to visit & check the current speed of the fan. Never reset the boiler in order to fix the fault, as it might be dangerous.

Worcester Danesmoor Boiler Faulty PCB

Hi Folks,

My two years old Worcester Danesmoor Boiler is giving me a really tough time due to an issue which it is having now a days. The boiler’s PCB is not responding, as it should be. Similarly, display board of the Worcester Danesmoor is not having the needed power. I do not know what I should do. Should I replace the boiler or seek help from the boiler engineer.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Anne,

As you know that one of the most essential part of the boiler is PCB because its sole purpose is to manage & control the different electronic apparatuses of your boiler. It is not possible to find the faults in the boiler’s PCB painlessly due to the endless things, which are responsible behind this problem. The recommended way is to seek help and advice from the proficient Worcester boiler engineer.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Code A1 281

Hello All,

My newly bought and installed Worcester Bosh boiler is showing a fault code A1 281 from last two days. I have restarted the boiler many times but it does not work. What else should I do?

Thanks for your help


Hi James, a fault code A1 281 on your Worcester Bosh boiler deals with faulty central heating pump. In short, the central heating pump is either jammed or it is running with an air in the boiler. In case, the pump is jammed, it is expected that the bearings or tube has broken. The only solution is to call an expert boiler and ask him to replace the bearings and shaft. Nevertheless, the most common reason of the fault code A1 281 being displayed on your boiler is air stuck in the central heating system. Well, you can bled this air through towel rails, radiators and a pump itself but with the help of a skilled boiler engineer.