Worcester Bosch Boilers

If you are looking for help with your Worcester Bosch Boiler then you have discovered the best informational website on the topic. You may be wanting to repair your old boiler or look for a replacement.

Worcester Bosch, are the best German Engineered quality boilers on the market and are a house hold name offering a wide range of boiler systems for central water heating.  Worcester offer a wide range of boilers including the Greenstar, Dansmoor, Heatslave I and Heatslave II.  They also offer you internal boiler system that can fit into a cupboard or kitchen space, as well as larger external versions that are situated outside.  Combined with a suitable and compatible controller, Worcester Bosch has even achieved an ErP efficiency rating of A+ for some of their boilers.  You can compare all the boilers within the Worcester Bosch range here.

Selecting a Suitable Worcester Bosch

The selection of a suitable boiler model depends on the type and size and construction of your home. The era of your house is significantly important due to the system setup, insulation, number of radiators required, dwelling type and whether your home is free standing, terraced or an apartment. Even the apartment level will make a difference on your selection! Your existing radiator type will also have an impact on your boiler selection, you may have storage radiators or convection fins. The selection of parts based on troubleshooting a fault is something that is usually left to a professional, although you can select and replace parts if you have the skills and a helpful troubleshooting guide.

Typical Faults

Worcester Bosch Boilers have common faults just like any other boiler system.  The CDi models do from time to time have PCB controller problems which can be resolved by a professional boiler engineer.  Some other issues include leaking combustion seals, passing diverter valves and problematic pressure sensors.  All boilers have typical issues such as trapped air in the system or low water pressure.  These can be resolved by removing air from the highest radiator in the household and adding water to the system.  

Caution!!! Remember if you work on a gas appliance and your not authorised and qualified it is considered a criminal offence. If you have a gas related fault please call a boiler specialist who is suitable qualifications and experienced and has the GAS safe accreditation.


With the aid of a troubleshooting guide you can fault find problems at your boiler’s panel. You should not repair parts if they are faulty as it is more economical and reliable to replace. If your boiler remains in warranty you should ask your dealer or supplier to fix the issue. For more information consult our forum’s FAQ section.

To summarise, the Worcester Bosch Boiler is the most reliable boiler on the market and is a perfect choice for your home!