Worcester Bosch Parts

Worcester Bosch is the leading manufacturer of quality boilers used for domestic and commercial use.  One of the best qualities of Worcester Bosch parts is the high German quality and certified genuine nature of the parts.  Constant use of your boiler will result in wear and will eventually require boiler part replacement.  Furthermore your boilers will require periodic inspections and maintenance to keep them working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To replace old boiler parts with new, you need to correctly identify the parts. At Worcesterboschboiler.com we can assist you by supplying easy to access exploded parts diagrams and corresponding part’s tables.

Worcester Bosch Parts Lookup

Looking for repair and maintenance solutions for your Worcester Bosch Boiler then you have found the right place!  At Worcesterboschboiler.com we provide the means for you to carryout your Worcester Bosch parts Lookup . To ensure the appropriate maintenance you need to view the parts lookup list, schematics and troubleshooting flowcharts. We supply these resources for your benefit.

Sometimes you cannot find the appropriate part even after looking at our resources, if this is an issue please ask us through our Contact page.

We suggest that you use authentic and genuine replacement boiler parts to ensure the reliability of your system.  Sometimes genuine parts are more expensive then lower quality copy parts, but this is a false economy.  Using such cheaper less quality parts will result in your boiler not running as efficiently or not all all.  Both costing you time, stress or money.


24CDi BF

24CDi OF



24i RSF


24Si II




28Si II

35CDi II


Greenstar 12i System

Greenstar 12Ri

Greenstar 15Ri

Greenstar 18Ri

Greenstar 24i Junior

Greenstar 24i System

Greenstar 24Ri

Greenstar 25CDi

Greenstar 28i Junior

Greenstar 30CDi Conventional

Greenstar 30CDi

Greenstar 35CDi

Greenstar 40CDi Conventional

Greenstar 40CDi

Greenstar Highflow 440

Highflow 400 BF

Highflow 400 RSF

R 25 HE combi

R 27 HE Combi

R 28 HE Plus Combi

R 28 HE

R 30 HE combi

R 30 HE Plus Combi

R 35 HE Plus Combi

R 40 HE Plus Combi

R29 HE Conventional

R40 HE Conventional




Danesmoor 12/14kW

Danesmoor 15/19kW

Danesmoor 20/25kW

Danesmoor 26/32kW

Danesmoor 32/50kW

Danesmoor 50/70kW

Danesmoor FS12/18

Danesmoor FS18/25

Danesmoor System 12/14kW

Danesmoor System 15/19kW

Danesmoor System 20/25kW

Danesmoor Utility 12/14kW

Danesmoor Utility 15/19kW

Danesmoor Utility 20/25kW

Danesmoor Utility 26/32kW

Danesmoor Utility 32/50kW

Danesmoor Utility 50/70kW

Danesmoor WM 12/19

Greenstar Danesmoor 18/25kW

Greenstar Heatslave 18/25kW

Greenstar Utility 18/25kW

Greenstar Utility 32/50kW

Greenstar Utility 50/70kW

Oil Heatslave 12/14

Oil Heatslave 15/19

Oil Heatslave 20/25

Oil Heatslave 26/32

WB 50/70

WB 70/90

WB 90/110