Worcester Danesmoor No Oil from Boiler’s Nozzle

Hi Everyone,

I have a Worcester Danesmoor boiler, which was installed one year ago. I am happy due to its overall performance and efficiency but from last two days, I am suspecting that oil is coming from the boiler’s nozzle. What should I do?

Thanks for the suggestions


Hi Tom,

Do not worry as it is a common issue with this type of boiler. The possible causes can be air in boiler’s pump, blocked nozzle, faulty drive or pump, non-availability of oil in the pump and broken-down motorized shutoff controller. You can solve this problem by simply checking & refilling the bleed oil-line or tank, checking & cleaning valves & filters from the oil tank, bleeding pump, replacing the nozzle and cleaning or replacing the broken-down motorized shutoff controllers.

Worcester CDi Boiler No Power


My seven years old Worcester CDi boiler is not firing up since morning even timer is not working. Can someone please diagnose that what is the reason behind no power to the boiler?



Hi James

Hello James, if you are getting no power to timer, boiler, and thermostat then check these things:

  • Fuse Blown: If there is a flow of power, then fuse has probably blown & this can cause the boiler to have no power. Power will never turn on successfully without a running fuse. You have to change the fuse in order to get the power.
  • PCB Failure: Another common reason can be a PCB boiler as it communicates with some other parts of the boiler to keep the boiler working.
  • RCD Tripped: You have to check the RCD. If it has tripped than your boiler will not get power. Sometimes RCD tripped in poor weather conditions and after the power cut.

After fixing the problem, reset your boiler to get the power.

Worcester Greenstar RI Boiler No Green Light

Hello Guys,

I got a Worcester Greenstar RI boiler, which was installed three years back. Today, I have observed that there is no green light on the boiler. Does someone here have any idea or suggestion on this issue?



Hi Tony

The green light on your Worcester Greenstar RI boiler indicates that burner is working. Generally, there are two explanations behind it. Firstly, LED Failure is an obvious explanation & I would suggest replacing it immediately. However, if the boiler is working properly then, it is not necessary to change the LED. Secondly, PCB failure is another reason. If there is a connection failure then, it is possible that few or all the lights on your boiler will stop working. There is no need to replace the boiler’s PCB if your boiler is working correctly. However, in case PCB is interfering with the smooth working of your boiler then, you have to replace it.

Worcester Bosch Boiler E9 224

Hi All,

My Worcester Bosch boiler is showing a fault code i.e. E9 224 since morning. What is the reason behind it? Can someone help?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Craig

If you are getting a fault code E9 224 then, it means that your boiler is overheating & it can be due to different reasons, for instance a blocked PRV, pump, faulty fan & condensate blockage. The highly common reasons behind an overheated boiler are sludge and limescale build up. You can prevent it by simply doing these things: Fix a scale reducer, add the central heating inhibitor to the boiler, hot flush the boiler for removing loose limescale & heating sludge, install the magnetic system strainer

Expectantly, it will help you to uncover the basic reason that why your Worcester Bosch boiler is overheating again & again.

Worcester Greenstar Si Boiler Burner Gasket Failure

Hello Folks,

I have bought a Worcester Greenstar Si boiler five years ago. From last few days, some burnt gasses are leaking constantly from the boiler’s heat exchanger & recirculating all around the boiler. Does someone know what the matter is & how to fix it?



Hi Jenny,

Before addressing your problem, I would like to share that Worcester Greenstar boilers are based on ‘Zero governors’ or ‘premix burner’ design. In premix burner design gas and air gets blend for setting a ratio & then essentially blown into a burner for ignition. The major part this design is burner gasket as it creates the strong seal between the venturi and burner, which gives the gas and air to your burner. In your case, the gasket meant to fail all around the ionization probe and spark electrodes & eventually results in leaked burnt gases. In spite of being dangerous, it causes condensation to stay on the inner side of the covering, which can cause corrosion. As you said, that your boiler is five years old then, it probably makes some sense to have an eye on it & replace it.

Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Boiler Pressure Gauge Issue


The Pressure gauge of my Worcester Greenstar 30CDi boiler has slowly crept into a red zone. I have a pressure release key; however, I am unable to find the connector under my boiler. Can someone advise me regarding the target pressure? Secondly, the towel bar does not heat up properly. What should I do?

Many thanks


Hi Tom,

Firstly, I would advise you to bleed the towel bar radiator. It will have an effect of decreasing the boiler pressure & expectantly allowing it to work properly. Afterwards reduce the pressure of your boiler by simply draining off at a suitable rad as it is a very boiler friendly way. You have to keep it up until reaching 1-1.5 bar. However, if the boiler pressure increases after doing so & keeps climbing then, suspect either a filling loop is not shut off completely or possibly the heat exchanger problem.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Radiators not Heating Up

Hello All,

My one-year-old Worcester Bosch boiler is giving me a hard time, as radiators are not heating up properly from last week. I have tried everything but nothing works. Someone, please help me to resolve this matter.



Hi Anna,

If certain radiators are heating up or even if only the lowest sections of the radiators are properly, heating up then, it is possibly due to the buildup of sludge or air in the system, as a result, it causes an even distribution of heat. If just the lowest section of the radiator is heating up then, you should bleed the radiator. Conversely, if your certain radiators are not heating up then, you have to balance them by simply regulating the valves of each radiator in order to ensure that each radiator is getting sufficient hot water to work properly. Try this & feel free to contact us in case of further queries

Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE EA Fault

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my five years old Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE boiler, which shows an EA error and stops working. How can I resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi Ben,

EA error cold deals with the issue of “no flame detection”. If your boiler is displaying this error code in extremely cold weather then, it is due to the frozen condensation pipe. You can pour some hot water over the condensation pipe & reset your boiler. However, if your boiler is showing it in normal weather conditions then, do check: Flue duct, Ionization electrode & lead, Igniter electrode & lead, Ionization detecting electrode & lead, Power supply & the Pressure of gas supply

I hope that it will work for you

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Faulty Thermostat

Hi Folks,

I have bought Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler seven years back. However, I want to share my problem regarding thermostat. It used to work well but now it is not communicating with my boiler. I have tried pairing it with the boiler by simply pressing a button on Worcester boiler but unluckily, it does not make any difference. Should I replace it?



Hi Smith

Hello Smith, please note that thermostat allows us to set the desired home temperature remotely & include timer & scheduler features for ensuring that home is adjusted perfectly to our schedule for optimum comfort. In your case, if the thermostat is not communicating with your boiler then, this could be due to the faulty thermostat. Some older thermostats always deteriorate with the passage of time & as a result can cause problems with the central heating system. You can try the below-given tips before calling an expert:

  • Do check that boiler’s power supply is working
  • Now, check the thermostat timer and clock settings immediately after the power cuts
  • Now, adjust the thermostat settings when the thermostat clock goes forward or backward.

Worcester Bosch 230 Gurgling Sounds

Hi All,

I have installed a Worcester Bosch 230 boiler three years ago. It worked extremely well, but recently it has started making some gurgling sounds. Radiators and hot water are working fine. I would like to share that readings of a pressure gauge are less than 1 bar. I have increased it but gurgling sounds are still there. I need help on urgent basis



Hi Jen,

When boiler starts making gurgling sounds, it is necessary to identify the reason as soon as possible. Some common reasons behind gurgling sounds/noises in your boiler are as follows:

  • Limescale in the heating system, if your Worcester boiler is making a loud gurgling sound, do check the limescale in heating system as limescale is extremely damaging & have a major impact on the performance & lifespan of your boiler’s central heating system.
  • If your boiler’s thermostat is set very high, it can cause gurgling sounds. Thus, try to lower the temperature on the thermostat in order to prevent gurgling sounds.
  • Insufficient flow of water can also force your boiler to make weird noises.
  • Lastly, inadequate water pressure can cause Worcester Bosch boiler to make gurgling sounds.

I hope that this information will help you!