Worcester Danesmoor Boiler Faulty PCB

Hi Folks,

My two years old Worcester Danesmoor Boiler is giving me a really tough time due to an issue which it is having now a days. The boiler’s PCB is not responding, as it should be. Similarly, display board of the Worcester Danesmoor is not having the needed power. I do not know what I should do. Should I replace the boiler or seek help from the boiler engineer.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Anne,

As you know that one of the most essential part of the boiler is PCB because its sole purpose is to manage & control the different electronic apparatuses of your boiler. It is not possible to find the faults in the boiler’s PCB painlessly due to the endless things, which are responsible behind this problem. The recommended way is to seek help and advice from the proficient Worcester boiler engineer.