Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Code A1 281

Hello All,

My newly bought and installed Worcester Bosh boiler is showing a fault code A1 281 from last two days. I have restarted the boiler many times but it does not work. What else should I do?

Thanks for your help


Hi James, a fault code A1 281 on your Worcester Bosh boiler deals with faulty central heating pump. In short, the central heating pump is either jammed or it is running with an air in the boiler. In case, the pump is jammed, it is expected that the bearings or tube has broken. The only solution is to call an expert boiler and ask him to replace the bearings and shaft. Nevertheless, the most common reason of the fault code A1 281 being displayed on your boiler is air stuck in the central heating system. Well, you can bled this air through towel rails, radiators and a pump itself but with the help of a skilled boiler engineer.