Worcester Bosch Greenstar C6 Error Code

Hello Everyone,

I have bought the Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler five years ago. The overall performance of the boiler is quite satisfactory but from last night, it is not working properly. Whenever I turn on the boiler, it starts displaying a C6 error code. Is it a serious matter?



Hi Jim, 

An error code C6 on the Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler deals with the too fast/too slow speed of the fan. I would like to mention that there has to be another error code attached to C6. In case, it is 215 then, it means that speed of the fan is very fast however, if it is 216 then, it indicates that the speed of the fan is extremely low. You have to contact an emergency Worcester boiler engineer to visit & check the current speed of the fan. Never reset the boiler in order to fix the fault, as it might be dangerous.