Worcester Greenstar 30CDi boiler fault code EA 227

Hello Guys,

I am having an issue with my three years old Worcester Greenstar 30CDi boiler. The boiler is showing an EA 227 error code & because of this, it is not working properly. What does it mean & how I can to fix it?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Derek

This error code means that the flame is not detected on the boiler after four-five ignition attempts. Your boiler can lock out as the safety protection because there is a potential gas supply or ignition issue. The most likely reason is an issue of gas supply. It is due to the frozen meter especially in cold water. If it is so, the gas supply cannot be that high for your boiler to ignite. Moreover, the problem of the gas supply could be in your boiler itself because the jet on boiler’s burners is susceptible to be blocked. It is advisable to contact the boiler engineer for detailed investigation.