Worcester CDi Boiler is not responding

Hi Everybody,

My three years old Worcester CDi boiler fails to respond whenever I try to use it. I am having this issue from last three days. With the help of the user manual, I have tried my best to fix this issue after checking the different parts of my boiler. Apparently, everything seems fine however; boiler fails to start. What should I do in this situation?

Looking for the recommendations


Well, Chris your problem is quite serious as a boiler who fails to respond properly always leads towards other major problems. If this issues originates directly the Worcester CDi boiler as you indicated above, then I would advise checking the pressure meter of your boiler. If the boiler’s pressure is very low i.e., below 1 then, instantly increase the pressure. Furthermore, poorly installed or unguarded condensate pipes of the boiler usually get freeze in severe weather conditions therefore, causing the Worcester CDi boiler to turn out to be unresponsive. Feel free to contact us if your problem persists.