Worcester Greenstar RI boiler short cycling

Hi Everyone,

After buying and installing the Worcester Greenstar RI boiler two years ago, now I am facing few issues regarding the boiler’s performance. The most noticeable issue of the boiler is, short cycling. My boiler tries to fire up for almost five seconds & after that, it cuts out straightaway. Is something serious? Should I replace the boiler? Someone please tell me the right solution.



Hi Patrick,

As the minimum firing and boiling of the Worcester Greenstar RI boiler exceeds the current load, it will eventually cause the short cycling of the boiler. When this happens, your boiler is forced to fire up continuously but for short time. For rectifying the problem, please check the below-mentioned things:

  1. Check for the burner rating, if it is incorrect then correct it
  2. If the boiler thermostat differential is incorrect, do replace it
  3. Sometimes, external controls of the boiler fails to work properly, if this is a case, check & correct the problematic external controls.